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Youth Taekwondo

Why Tiger-Rock?

Youth really love to participate in this highly energetic, fun, and functional activity.  More importantly youth at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts engage in the activities that help improve their cognitive, social, and motor skills during the most important developmental stages of their lives.  Tiger-Rock Taekwondo is a perfect activity that blends the advantages of both art and athletics.  Better yet, Tiger-Rock Taekwondo provides participants with an equal opportunity to advance their skills since no one ever “sits the bench”.

Tiger-Rock believes in developing the leaders of tomorrow by giving participants the training to learn self-discipline, focus better, listening skills and self-control.  These elements are essential in creating the skills and motivation needed to experience success in later years and better grades now.  Tiger-Rock also believes in creating a strong sense of commitment to community through citizenship and service.  Tiger-Rock Taekwondo for youth is built on the solid principles of our tenets: Honor, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Courage, Community, Strength, Humility and Knowledge.

What’s the benefit?

Tiger-Rock Taekwondo helps build confidence, self-esteem, and self-defense skills.  The Tiger-Rock philosophy and training techniques teach students how to successfully adapt and react to various social environments including the unexpected ones.  In fact, the University of West Florida Education Department validated through research that our Taekwondo training enhances social and emotional intelligence.  In addition to enhancing social skills, Tiger-Rock Taekwondo for youth teaches children how to properly protect themselves from threatening situations such as schoolyard bullying.  Our program also addresses safety behaviors when confronted by a stranger. 

It is well documented and an area of growing concern that today’s sedentary lifestyle habits are leading to childhood obesity.   The curriculum and structure of our class ensures that the level of physical activity provides children with the essential ingredients to develop strength, coordination, and agility.  It also teaches individuals how to live a healthy life, including the importance of participating in daily exercise and making appropriate nutrition decisions. 
You can be assured that your kids are receiving the highest quality of instruction.  Tiger-Rock Martial Art Instructors are required to be certified and earn continuing education credits to keep up-to-date with the latest policies and teaching methods, ensuring safety and enhanced learning.  Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International recommends that all Instructors in the academy maintain a current CPR and First Aid certification. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts also require academy owners to conduct background checks on all annually-qualified Instructors and academy workers who are 18 years old or older in their academies. Academies place a high priority on protecting the safety of members.

Youth TaeKwonDo

As the parents of 5 children I have been a soccer, volleyball, football, and baseball mom.  This is the only activity that I can honestly say that everyone cheers.  There are no parents yelling at the coaches, no parents yelling at their kids, and no kids blaming others.  It has been a very positive experience!
–Lori and Jeff, NE



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